What is a Session Ale?

What is a Session Ale?

Have you ever enjoyed a cold one on the job?

If you answered yes to the following question then you may be lucky enough to work at a brewery. At the Newburyport Brewing Co. we refer to it as “quality control” because you can never be too sure, right?

Although drinking on the job is no longer a widely accepted practice you may be interested to learn that the term “session beer” actually dates back to the WWI era when English weapons manufacturers were able to drink on the job if they so chose (right?!). Shift workers were allowed one daytime licensed drinking session that ran from 11am-3pm. To ensure they could still perform their jobs after a session, workers sought beers containing 4.5% ABV or less.

The term “session” refers to beers that contain less than 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). These beers are purposefully brewed to contain a low alcohol content that won’t knock you off your chair if you drink two or three in succession. This happens to be one of the craft beer industry’s hottest trends, and is a clear shift by craft breweries to offer very flavorful brews containing lower alcohol and fewer calories.

These days, you can enjoy a wide selection of session beers brewed in many different styles (IPAs, pale ales, saisons, fruit beers, etc.) that fall under 5% ABV. In fact, the Newburyport Brewing Company released its own session beer in the summer of 2015 called Melt Away Session IPA. At just 4.6% ABV, this beer offers tons of juicy citrus flavor balanced by subtle sweet malt which makes it a crisp, refreshing brew.

Try a Melt Away Session IPA for yourself at Newburyport Brewing located 4 New Pasture Road, Newburyport, Massachusetts. The brewery has a very family friendly atmosphere and is open for samples, pints, and growlers-to-go every Thursday & Friday 3PM-8PM and Saturday 12PM-8PM. Enjoy Thirsty Taco Thursdays with Metzy’s Taqueria. Live music 5PM SESSIONS every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 5PM – 8PM.



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