The Legend of YEAT!

The Legend of YEAT!

“Yeat!” is a colloquial word used in Newburyport, Massachusetts at least before the Second World War (1939-1945), allegedly shouted from one naval ship to another to identify a resident of Newburyport. Also used to show both affirmation and disapproval (“yes,” “no”); first word of the Newburyport slang-phrase “yeat-da-bun” – the meaning of which we will leave to the imagination.

Yeat means you are from Newburyport. To this day, we use it to greet our fellow Newburyporters and to show excitement about this new, locally inspired beer. So raise a glass and Yeat with us!

In honor of Savor Newburyport, a 10-day long celebration highlighting Newburyport’s extraordinary restaurants, retail shops and cultural experiences, the Newburyport Brewing Company has whipped up a 1635 small batch series – better known as YEAT! or Yankee. English. Ale Time. YEAT! is an English Style Ale brewed with five malts, English hops and fermented with special English yeast. It’s an easy drinking, balanced ale with a toasty finish.

YEAT! will be served at select bars and restaurants throughout the 10-day long Savor celebration running from September 17 – 26th. Click HERE to for a list of events featuring YEAT! Also, don’t forget to stop by the brewery for samples, tours, live music and more!



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