Discoverering a German Legend, Das Kölsch!

Discoverering a German Legend, Das Kölsch!

Here at Newburyport Brewing Co. we love hops! Which is why we are releasing our first 12-pack, the Hop Variety Mixer. The mixer features the Newburyport Pale Ale, a balanced pale ale that has a really nice American hop flavor; Melt Away Session IPA, a lower alcohol IPA with loads of citrus flavors provided by Citra and Amarillo hops; and Green Head IPA, a piney assertive West Coast-style IPA balanced by English Maris Otter base malt.

As much as we love hop flavor and aroma, some folks prefer a smoother and lighter tasting beer. For those drinkers, in addition to Plum Island Belgian White, we have released our newest year-round beer: Das Kölsch! Originally brewed as part of our 1635 series, Das Kölsch won a bronze medal at the Great International Beer Festival and was a huge hit here in the tasting room.

Das Kölsch, meaning The Kölsch in English, is a kölsch-style ale. Das Kölsch is our first year-round German-style beer. Germany is primarily known for its lager styles fermented and stored at cold temperatures, however, the kölsch is an ale fermented at more lager-like temperatures. This gives the beer a very clean and crisp flavor. Not too bitter, Das Kölsch has a low floral hop flavor consistent with European-type hops.

Light in body and alcohol at 5.0% ABV, Das Kölsch is the perfect beer for summer. It is also a great beer for adventures such as cookouts, boat rides and beach days. It is also a great beer to share with people who typically don’t appreciate the more hoppy styles. Das Kölsch is a fresh, craft-brewed alternative to mass-marketed lagers. This is a beer that appeals to everyone.

Available year-round in cans and on draft, Das Kölsch is the perfect year-round edition to the Newburyport lineup!


By: Jason Chalifour



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